Support & Management

A key component to any infrastructure is the support and maintenance, often companies don’t think about a suitable support and maintenance plan until something fails.



We believe that companies should be concentrating on their core business and not having to worry about managing and maintaining the infrastructure.TechEvo has experience in maintaining small single site networks through to large international multi site networks.

Monitoring and Maintenance

By regularly monitoring and checking your systems many issues can be identified and prevented before they become a problem that will disrupt your business. We encourage our clients to put in place measures to regularly maintain their system. This way we can take a proactive rather than reactive approach. This results in reduced expenditure and most importantly ensures consistent service for your business users.

Help Desk Services

Our help desk services provide a single point of contact for users to receive help on computer and systems related issues. TechEvo offers first and second level help desk service depending on the resources available in an organization. Small companies often require first level support which covers user issues whereas larger organizations rely on us for specialized help desk services.

Third Party Service Providers

We can undertake support programmes or we can manage your support contracts to ensure your service providers are meeting their obligations and delivering the optimum service in accordance with your service level agreements.


We act independently for you and provide experienced resource just when you need it. This avoids unnecessary expenditure on permanent resource in your business. We are also able to offer a wide field of expertise across all disciplines ensuring that at all times your systems are being looked after by experienced competent resource that is up to date with the constantly changing world of technologies and applications. The result is a cost effective and efficient programme of support and management that ensures your systems remain operating to maximum efficiency.

Policies and procedures

Security, Electronic Communication, access, privacy, data storage are just a few of the issues to be considered when setting your company IT policies. Our team of system engineers and analysts help identify what polices are required for your business and what consequential procedures need to be established. We make sure that these policies and procedures are designed specifically for your business, implemented, documented and are effective. These steps result in robust, mature controls and measures with which to manage your business.