IS Services

Information System Services

TechEvo views Information Systems as the cornerstone for any successful business. Information Systems allow an organization to become truly agile, flexible, and able to cope with today’s dynamic and increasingly challenging business environment. To cope, Information Systems have to move away from the reactive model that caters to a business need only after it has arisen, and move into a proactive model that takes part even in the business planning process and is able to flex and expand in order to accommodate requirements before they arise.

Weather your focus is solving an existing challenge in Information Systems, reaching a specific goal, gaining further insight in how your Information Systems contribute and can contribute to your business success and bottom-line or incorporating Information Systems as part of your entire business planning process – transforming Information Systems into a strategic asset, TechEvo professional services have the skills and experience and are able to seamlessly integrate to provide end-to-end coverage on all facets of Information Systems ranging from strategic planning, architecture, design/develop, deploy, optimize and support.

Consulting Services

Effective consulting ensures a shorter time to realization of value from Information Systems investments. Engaging from as early a stage as the strategic planning, our consultants will work with your organization to identify, architect and design the correct technology mix for your organization.

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Implementation and Support

For a business to gain the most benefit from an Information Systems infrastructure, the infrastructure needs to be properly implemented, monitored and supported. Our implementation and support services work in tandem with our consulting and development services to ensure a proper hand-over from one stage to the other. As a result, you can enjoy the peace of mind resulting from knowing that your Information Systems services are well taken care of.

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Virtualization and Cloud

By utilising our services and expertise we can pass on cost savings, know how and best practices. Quite often the primary focus for our clients choosing this approach is to save costs. Quite quickly, whilst achieved, this advantage is replaced in priority to the flexibility, speed and agility virtualization offers.

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