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TechEvo specialises in Information Systems Consulting, Security, Support and Managed IT Services , with a focus on IT strategy and architecture, network infrastructure and cloud solutions. Maximising the benefits of information technology is our prime goal.

Our wide range of experience with a diverse client base ranging from some of the largest European companies to small and medium-sized businesses, has allowed us to build long-term relationships with our clients and our high rate of repeat business stands as testimony to the faith we engender in our clients to provide solutions that work for them and their businesses.

Consulting Services

Effective consulting ensures a shorter time to realization of value from Information Systems investments. Engaging from as early a stage as the strategic planning, our consultants will work with your organization to identify, architect and design the correct technology mix for your organization, ensuring your investment in Information Systems is utilized to its fullest potential.


Implementation and Support

For a business to gain the most benefit from an Information Systems infrastructure, the infrastructure needs to be properly implemented, monitored and supported. Our implementation and support services work in tandem with our consulting and development services to ensure a proper hand-over from one stage to the other. As a result, you can enjoy the peace of mind resulting from knowing that your Information Systems services are well taken care of.


IT Security

External threats like cyber crime and corporate espionage concern many organizations, however, many security breaches are caused by those with access to internal networks, including staff, former employees, consultants, vendors and customers. Data and asset protection must be managed proactively to effectively protect profitable intellectual property, business continuity and brand reputation.


Virtualization and Cloud

Customers can leverage our expertise  and experience to quickly realize the significant benefits of virtualization in their Information Systems environment. By utilizing our services, our customers manage to lower the footprint of their systems, simplify their environment, provide more effective business continuity and recovery facilities, improve security and most importantly,  lower their TCO while improving their ROI on Information Systems.


How we can help

We offer clients a comprehensive consultancy service to ensure that their projects deliver the required results. Our detailed information gathering and specification will ensure that costs are kept within specified budgets and delivered on time and we are able to manage the process from early stages to completion and delivery.

Companies in industries as diverse as banking, legal, car rentals, logistics and ship management, use TechEvo's consulting and support services to simplify existing working methods and to provide solutions to increase efficiency and profitability. This allows them to be more responsive to the needs of their customers and in turn secure competitive advantage.


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