Installation & Configuration

Once the correct architecture and systems have been identified and specified it is essential that the process for installation and configuration is managed.




Working with you, we will ensure that the system and applications are working to their specifications.

We will ensure that the system interacts as planned with other elements of your operating platform.

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Third Party Vendor Readiness

Vendor Readiness is a key component of any installation. During an installation there may be issues due to hardware faults and incompatibility, how fast can the systems vendors respond to requests and be ready to provide support. Often identifying where and what the problem is avoids the cycle “It’s not the hardware it’s the software” and vice versa; a common issue when you deal with different vendors. We can cut straight to the heart of the issue to ensure that time is not wasted and issues are resolved. We can deal with your vendors; we speak the same language and can ensure we get to the heart of any issues quickly.

Infrastructure & Environment Planning

Often this requirement is missed, questions such as do you have enough power sockets, do you have the correct power supply, a suitable cooling system, network bandwidth capacity and many other factors can affect the installation of the system.

Training Requirements

Training is a vital requirement with any new system and programs, this needs to be managed with the vendors, making sure that your support teams and systems administrator are fully conversant with all areas of the new systems and have the correct knowledge to trouble shoot any unforeseen issues.

Stakeholder Alignment

With a new system business stakeholders need to be aware of what impact the new systems will have on their current process and requirements, although normally covered during planning often stakeholders are not aware of implementation schedules, and the impact and process if the installation is delayed or postponed.

Legacy Data Requirements

How will legacy data and systems be accessed and what will be the procedure to manage this data and who will be responsible once new systems are introduced.

Programme Dependencies

As with any major installation there are set dependencies such as security configurations access requirements and control procedures and each element needs to be addressed and planned for in the specification stage then implemented during installation.

Post Installation

We will run diagnostics to ensure that your system is running as expected and talking as it should be to other elements of your operating platforms. By monitoring and assessing we can head off problems before they arise and before they disrupt your business. We are able to trouble shoot, if a problem occurs we will quickly and efficiently identify the offending element and rectify the issue.

Other considerations

Security is vital to the integrity of your business. Handling data securely and preserving the infrastructure of your business is vital to the continued success of your operation. Cyber-crime is on the rise and often criminals will look to exploit inadequate security to access data. We ensure that optimum levels of security and encryption are used within your systems to prevent these occurrences. We also employ analytical tools look to exploit any weaknesses you may have to ensure that we deliver solutions to shore up and secure your business.

We look at physical and electronic security, data backup, storage and retrieval, business continuity and disaster recovery planning. All with a view to ensure that you have a reliable, robust, secure platform from which to deliver excellent service to your customers.