Infrastructure Optimization

As the business grows, the demand on IT services grows.

infrastructure-optimization-cubeThis causes the increase in IT size and complexity. Infrastructure Optimization allows the business tap into IT’s true effectiveness and potential, and focuses on helping the business understand, scale and improve the state of their IT infrastructure, in terms of cost, security, risk and operational agility.Infrastructure Optimization is separated in three models: 

  • Application Platform Optimization Model
  • Business Productivity Infrastructure Optimization Model
  • Core Infrastructure Optimization Model

Application Platform Optimization Model

The Application Platform Optimization Model focuses on providing the business with connected, flexible and highly secure applications. By providing a user-centric experience, it helps increase the productivity and efficiency of the users, while at the same time improving customer experience.

Business Productivity Infrastructure Optimization Model

The focus of the Business Productivity Infrastructure Optimization model is to empower people in a changing workplace with a unified infrastructure that simplifies the way people communicate, share expertise, gain business insight and find information. Contributing in managing IT costs and complexity, the BPIO model helps streamline the way organizations and their people do business while increasing IT effectiveness.

Core Infrastructure Optimization Model

One of the most developed and mature models of Infrastructure Optimization, the Core Infrastructure Optimization model focuses on helping an organization better understand and move toward a more secure, well-managed and dynamic core IT infrastructure, helping reduce overall IT costs, helping improve the utilization of IT resources and ultimately helping make IT a strategic asset for the business.