Analysis & Planning

Commissioning a new IT system or deciding to invest in a new platform, can be a daunting process.

analysis-and-planningNew technologies, new programming methods, knowing which is right for your business and where to start is often a challenging process.

“Our objective is to ensure that you get the best value from your budget and quite often the path to maximise improvement can be evolution rather than revolution”

TechEvo’s team of technologists and analysts bring years of experience, having worked for multiple companies within diverse sectors in industry we use this experience to identify solutions that may not at first glance be obvious but we know would work for your business.

We will work with you to understand the day to day issues that cause problems and inefficiencies which stand in the way of delivering first class service to your customers and provide solutions.

Project Objectives

With any new infrastructure project the key component is understanding the objectives of the business, such questions as “what does the company wish to achieve” and “what are the time implications” and “what budget is available” are just some of the considerations which need evaluating and understanding before entering the business analysis phase.

Business Analysis

The business analysis phase is critical to making sure that we completely understand your business requirements and intricacies which are unique to your business. Once we understand how you work, we know the right questions to ask, and therefore we can bridge any gaps between business and technology which may not have necessary been considered from a purely business perspective.

Requirements Gathering

In this stage we gather all stake holders together and identify what each party wishes to achieve from the implementation of any new systems. Understanding the group requirements and wish lists we can then work with management to identify which are critical components and which are considered wish list, hence the importance to already have the time and budget constraints understood.

Design and Specification

This is the most critical part of the project, from the previous stages we have a clear view of what is required and can design the optimum solution for you. We provide detailed documented specifications in order to demonstrate a clear understanding of what will be delivered and how, using all the previous elements we can set clear deliverables and communicate this to the project owners, providing them with a completely transparent view of what will be delivered.


We manage the procurement, installation and signoff process for you; we will ensure that the correct vendor choice is made and best rates are negotiated for you. We take the best the market can offer and ensure that the right choices are made for your business to suit your requirements. Most importantly we make sure that the system you ordered is delivered on time, on budget and has the functionality expected.