Strategic Planning

pyramide_kl_weissIn today’s ever evolving and challenging business environment, it is increasingly important for the business to maximize the return on any investments it makes.
This is even more so for IT, as in most occasions it is not directly linked with the generation of revenue. Amidst all modern requirements, there’s more pressure than ever on IT. The bulk of IT budgets today is spent just “treading water” rather than adding new business value. TechEvo Strategic Consulting and IS Advisory Services is focused on trying to help your IT department flip that equation.By focusing on the long-term alignment of the corporate IS Services with the corporate strategy and forecasted business initiatives, our Strategic Consulting and IS Advisory Services can help today’s business get more value from investment in IS technology. 

With our long term commitment to the successful adoption of IS technology and by helping our customers plan, build, deploy and operate IS technology solutions successfully it is increasingly possible for the business to seize opportunities for business advantage through innovation. By mitigating risks and reducing IT costs at program and business level, we can help reduce investment risks and optimize IT initiative planning and prioritization.

The modern business is faced with a number of challenges:

  • We need business solutions not IT components
  • Reducing complexity in IT
  • Increasing scope and complexity of enterprise systems
  • Lack of strategic relationship with IT Vendors to address Business roadmap vs. IT Service Portfolio and strategy vs. Product roadmap
  • Maximizing the return on IT investments
  • Improving implementation of change
  • Coordinating and aligning IT efforts
  • Getting secure and staying secure
  • Getting strategic business value from IT

IT in the modern business environment is not a means to an end.

The purpose of IT is to enable the business to:

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Plan for and accommodate change
  • Differentiate itself from the competition
  • IT Pressure

Activities in this area of our services include:

  • Generation of IT Strategy based on existing business drivers and requirements, as well as forecasted business initiatives
  • Generation of Technology and Solution Roadmaps based on IT strategy
  • Generation of Business Services Architecture and Heatmaps and subsequent generation of recommendations at a People-Process
  • Technology level to target interest areas identified in Heatmaps
    Compilation of Services Portfolio